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Cakes, onions and magic. Some things are better with layers

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Last time we talked about the power and necessity of effort. Something that's been extremely powerful to me is the idea of building layers into my spellwork. A layer of symbolism could be anything. Astrological timing is a layer, correspondence stuff are layers. Doing smaller bits like blessing each ingredient separately builds layers, sigils and words of power carries meaning and builds layers. The thing about this is that a layer you don't put in doesn't matter. If you need to do it NOW, then don't add the astrological timing layer. You don't get the benifits, but it doesn't hurt anything. Can't find an ingredient? No worries. Just a layer you didn't add. There are some times that a layer is pretty required for the type of thing you're making, or it forces you to make a choice. Spell bags need a color, because the object needs a color right? Usually to me it's better to leave a layer out than put the wrong thing in. The more layers you put in however, the stronger your magic becomes. Especially layers of symbolism that take real work or effort. You can clutter something up to the point that you can't keep it all sorted, so there's some balance here. If you can't string it together, you won't be effective, but each layer sharpens the symbol into an effective tool.

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