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Terms of Use

(I always hate T & C pages, as they seem harder than they need to be. I get it, but also…) What I’ve done here, is put everything that’s “plain English” or things I’m likely to do, definitions, or explanations in parenthesis (). Nothing inside those should be taken as legally binding, but as my explanations, and things that I reserve the right to do at my discretion. These are current as of 10/15/2022.

For Entertainment purposes only

All services provided by Four Gates are done so for entertainment purposes only. No attempt is being made to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.
(Look, I’m a believer in what I do, and presumably you are too. We both know there’s no legal standing for it, and so it’s entertainment only. I’m certainly not a shrink, doctor, or lawyer, and the last thing I want you to do is throw your brain out. Leaving out any kind of future telling, I believe there’s value in getting you to slow down and think through your situation. I certainly believe, or I wouldn’t do this, but there’s a difference between what I believe and what I can legally claim)

Refund policy for sessions

No refunds will be issued after an appointment. If you miss an appointment, I will send a reschedule request to the email listed when you booked, and leave it for at least 48 hours. If you don’t reschedule, no refund will be issued. If you cancel before an appointment, I will issue a refund of your purchase price, minus any fees required from your payment processor, but you’ll be welcome back any time.
(Look guys, I just don’t want reschedule requests hanging out forever. You’re welcome to get in touch and I’ll work with you. Folks sometimes change their mind, and I don’t mind that. Right now, I don’t mind if I miss you, or you cancel, that’s time for me. If that starts to be abused I’ll change that. I don’t mind doing refunds when it’s warranted at all, and I’m more likely to do it than not, just covering my butt.)

Affiliate marketing

I'm an Amazon affiliate (or at least in the process), which means when you click on my links, if the purchase qualifies, I earn a little bit. (Yup, I make a few bucks when you snag something from my affiliate program. I’m only really interested in things I think someone can use, and because I’m primarily trying to read, I’m not dependent on them.)

Subject to change

Of course, The Four Gates is trying to continually improve. As these need to change as part of that growth, they will.

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