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Holograms and you

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

One of the core tenants of magick is the Hermetic axiom “as above, so below”, describing how a change on a small level or in your internal landscape can manifest a change in the universe. Folks miss that this is a 2 way street though. Changes in the external MUST reflect in the internal landscape as well. When this doesn't go both ways, this becomes an excuse for megalomania or toxic positivity. Modern physics is now not only agreeing with this, as much as scientists can agree with metaphisics, but is starting to explain why. A theory unimaginatively named the holographic principle explains the universe as a hologram. Well, a hologram, a real hologram has a curious property. First off, a hologram would be a 3 dimentional projection made up of light, at least in a general definition. Now, if you cut a hologram in half, rather than having 2 halves of this image, what you have is 2 of the same image. So, taking the universe as a hologram then, by looking at just a single part of it, you can see the whole. Each and every part of the universe, in theory no matter how small, contains the information of the whole universe.

What does this mean to us magickally speaking then? Well, a number of things, really. One is, that any and all magick can be done as what you'd think of as internal magick. In fact, for me, this is the ONLY way magic works best. It doesn't matter whether you're making psychological changes or physical changes, because when it comes down to it, they're the exact same thing. One leads into the other. All the concepts of personal reality vs consentual reality kind of flow from this theory. I mean, all of the complexity of the 2 realities can be explained by the interplay within the hologram. Now, on a mystical sense, what you have to understand that the universe is essentially made up of information, so anything that contains the information of the universe, would be the universe. This means that the macrocosm is WITHIN the microcosm. The way I see it, of course the universe is observer created, the observer is the creation. “Now, therefore, I am known to ye by my name Nuit, and to him by a secret name which I will give him when at last he knoweth me. Since I am Infinite Space, and the Infinite Stars thereof, do ye also thus. Bind nothing! Let there be no difference made among you between any one thing & any other thing; for thereby there cometh hurt. But whoso availeth in this, let him be the chief of all!”. Of course, not all of us like Crowley, but this quote by itself rings very true. Just sayin'.


Now, there appear to be many different intellegences, humans and the like, and then the spiritual entities as well. If you contain the entirity of the universe within yourself, then you would also contain these entities as well... Now, that's true, however, how much of your mind is unconcious, subconcious, superconcious and the like? So, you have to treat everything that appears to have subjective reality as if it does have a subjective reality. In a way, it's less that they don't have their own reality, and more that each of them, with their subjective reality are contained within you. Much of your mind is inaccessable to you. Treat them as seperate, but don't be surprised if now that you know this, you can see where they ALSO come from within you.

That said then, lets look at how these other intellegences also influence reality then...

Modern physics embraces the concept of what they call an “observer created reality”. In the simplest terms, what scientists mean by observer created reality is that everything on a subatomic level exists not as itself, but as a probability wave, and the act of observing or measuring it fixes it in place. Now, this only appears to happen on the very what do they call it “submicroscopic” level, but science can’t explain why. Well, my belief is that they have all the parts they need to solve that riddle, but they’re too afraid of the implications to persue it. This to me indicates either an overwatch observer, or ultimate observer, what many would call God, or this indicates that each part observes itself... “I think, therefore I am.” If you accept the concept of the microcosmic and the macrocosmic nestled inside each other, it actually proves both, but that of course requires a leap.

Now, what we think of as the astral plane could be seen then as the informational matrix of reality... The data behind the hologram. With that said, it’s important to note that data can be encoded on a (visual) hologram, that you can’t see. So following that... things could exist on the astral without existing on the physical. In addition, observers could be “encoded” within the hologram itself, the explination for non-physical entities.

It's important to note that one could create what in magickal circles is known as a thoughtform, an intellegent seperate being, which then would have an objective reality beyond you, and which could act on their own. This is what has occured with all the various gods, fae, angels and the like. You don’t even have to be aware that it’s occuring, so you could create demons out of your fears and such. Again, and kind of the largest point that I can make in this whole paper, whether you create it by yourself, or integrate yourself with one that already exists, it makes no difference. Well, it’s hard to form a fully balanced psyche by yourself, but that’s the subject for another (probably my next) paper. The point here is that seperate entities are created. That means that you have to work with these forms the way you’re supposed to. Gods require veneration, angels require “Divine authority” demons need a strong Will, what have you. Treat them the way you’re supposed to.

The last thing I’ll cover is that in theory you, effectively being the macrocosm, in theory have full control by application of your will, over everything in the universe. In practice however, your ability to control “outside” forces is limited by one of 2 things. Either your ability to exert your Will over what appears to be an outside being, or object; or your ability to dissolve the mental barriers that separate you from the other thing. Either of these things are accomplished in the same way as we communicate in any other way to the unconcious, through the power of symbol.

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