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How to raise energy

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

A lot of importance is placed in some magical circles about this idea of raising energy, and with good reason. Energy, symbolic or not, is what powers all of our magic. In so much of the stuff on magic, all you're told is to "raise energy" without any real description of how to do it. Worse are the places that just give you the "picture the energy flowing..." that leads you to believe you know the secret, but it will feel hollow and empty, and frankly, it won't work. First thing we need to do to learn to move energy is decide what this energy is. So emotion is CLOSE, it's damn close, but there's more to it than that. There's something to be said for sexual energy, but that's not quite it either. Let's throw some stuff out that is energy, and see about finding the parallels. When a lover runs a finger along your arm, that is a form of energy. When your ex wife pisses you off, that's a form of energy. Emotion fuels energy sure. Emotion is mostly triggered by things that are high stakes in one way or another, and energy responds to those things. It's not wrong to say that energy is generated or accessed by Emotion, but they're not the same thing. The other side is things like that rhythm that you can fall into when you do things, runners highs are a way of finding magical energy. It can be purely visualized sure.At the core, "energy" is a measure of Will. Willpower and the focus of willpower is the key, and feeling that willpower is the key to "energy work". Directing that energy becomes about sharpening the Will, and sometimes pushing that Willpower into other things. Visualizing alone won't get you anything, but focusing your Will is the key. Once you figure that out, it's stupid simple. Folks that already knew that will wonder why I spent so many words to say it, because it's simple. It's just about learning to FEEL that, until that connection is there, you just can't feel it, but once you make the connection it's obvious.

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