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How to tell if you're cursed, and why you're probably not

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

"Am I cursed?" This is something I don't really see much professionally, but it's something I see all the time in social magical spaces. Every time I turn around, I see another post asking about if someone is cursed and what to do about it. Here's your simple guide to tell if you are, and what to do about it.

  1. If the only reason you think you're cursed is because some reader told you, especially if they offer to remove it to the tune of 500+ dollars, you're not. There's a slim chance, it does happen, but this is a common scam. You're cursed and I can take it off is metaphysical scammer talk for "can I have 500 dollars?" If you're really concerned, get 2 readings from 2 readers that are unconnected to the first reader and each other, and DON'T mention the curse. If there is one, they'll also see it right?

  2. If you didn't think you were cursed before someone said something, then you notice your life going to crap AFTER you think you're cursed, then there's likely no external curse. That fear can create a space where you tangle yourself up. No curse, just your belief. You can do a basic cleansing and MOVE ON.

  3. Just because someone practices magic and doesn't like you, doesn't mean they jumped to cursing you. I've been doing this for over 20 years, and I'm kinda grumpy and don't like a lot of people. I'm not morally opposed to curse work (to a certain degree anyway) and I can count the number of curses I've slung on one hand.

So, how do you tell if you're cursed? It's really not likely, but here's the things that you can do to check.

  1. Divination helps here. Best to read for yourself here if you can, but if you can't, then getting a reading done on the real world reasons you think you might be cursed WITHOUT mentioning the potential curse is a good first step. If this does come back positive, get 2 more readings with the same rules. Majority rules here, move on to step 2.

  2. So, maybe you're cursed. Start here. Do your basic cleansing and see if anything improves. You can read again on how the cleansing went if you want, and go from there.

  3. If the basic cleansing doesn't change anything, then do some form of cleansing that you can read. Anything from egg cleansing, to candle cleansings with candles that you can read/interperate the wax, just something that you can read as you go. If you see signs of a curse here still...

  4. If you're an advanced practitioner, you can look at removing something yourself, but you'll also have the skills to mostly figure out how to do this yourself. Work CLOSELY with 1 reader, and one spiritual worker or healer. Find your reader first, and be honest with both of them about the other one. They shouldn't know who the other is, or should not know each other. You'll go back and forth between them to confirm if there's a curse, and what that curse looks like. If they still agree there's a curse, but each of them say it looks different, then that's likely a red flag. YES, this IS something a coach should be able to walk you through in most cases, rather than casting a spell for you.

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