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Omen reading, and signs from the Gods

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

A lot of importance is made in writings and talks and such on magick on things that we DO. Magickal practice is just that, a practice. It’s about the things that we DO in many ways. When we look over to the most common questions however, what I see asked the most often is “what does this mean?” Folks seem to have an instinctive drive to seek meaning in the world around them. They search for messages from the Spirits in everything. There’s no shortage of ways that people will explain things going on, one thing at a time. Let’s take a look at the idea behind this though. It’s not enough to decide what one thing or another looks like, the true gift here is to learn how to decide what they mean for yourself. This is a space where psychology and the shared symbol set meets. In many ways this is no different than dream interpretation. Guidelines, not rules. Yes, the things that show up do things in the real world, so that also matters. Exactly what something means is something everyone has to sort for themselves. I do think that it’s important though to distinguish between the things that actually mean something, and things that just are. Real signs repeat, real signs stand out, and real signs are personalized. Let’s look at each of those. 1. Repeating – if an energy or pattern is actually present, you’ll see signs more than once. For me, I watch for 3’s. They don’t always have to be exactly the same, but they should feel the same. 3 (at least) is something that I’ve trained into myself, but you’ll see real signs more than once2. Standing out – This is also where we gain our control. We can ask for or look for signs, and pay attention so that more things stand out. Look for practical explanations, and reasons why anything might NOT be. A real sign will be obvious, if you’re watching for it. 3. Personalized – This is often what makes these things stand out. As you build your symbolic toolkit, these are symbols that mean things to you, and the kind of things that then stand out. If a sign is the universe talking to you, then it should feel like it’s for you. This is something that requires a certain level of alignment or harmony with the Universe. The more in line you are, the more you’ll notice signs.

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