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Words of Power, or how to create your own magical language

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

The concept of a magical language is one that so many people have a lot of very big opinions on. I also tried to learn multiple languages to enhance magical practice.

When I was first learning about magic, I learned about a method to create sigils created by a guy name Austin Spare. I'm going to present a heavily modified version of a Spare method, popularized in modern times by the Chaos Magic tradition. Here I'll teach you the first steps, which can be used as is to create things that add to your magic in the same way that other languages will. You don't need a premade magical language with a technique like this as it becomes words of power so to speak.

My system is actually heavily modified to adjust for what I feel was a bad understanding of some underlying magical theory by Spare. Some of my modifications are supported by folks like Carrol and Hine, and some are just experience. There are other methods of generating sigils, but what I like about this is you can use it with literally nothing but paper and pen. The first step is to just write out what you want. I follow a few rules for this, and frankly some folks would disagree.

1. Write in the present tense - I have 100 dollars instead of i will have 100 dollars

2. I don't include any magical key phrases or words. I'm not manifesting anything, and while it is my Will, if you include "it is my Will to..." all your sigil does is sharpen your Will. Note that I'm in the minority here, and this is an experience thing

3. Write out numbers. There's no reason that digits can't be used I guess, but it's easier to reduce without them

4. Stay as simple as possible.

5. Be specific where necessary. Names (although we'll get to that in a future article) dates and amounts. Let's get an example around. So, you need 100 bucks by the end of the month to pay a bill. I always like to get results before my deadline, to give time. You might go with something like"I have one hundred dollars on the fifteenth of this month" Now we're going to make this magic. First, make a list of vowels, and see if you have them all. You can pull the vowels out of your statement now:

I, A, E, O, U (got them all, good)


Something like that. I usually combine the next step with the previous, but kept them apart for clarity. Next, remove duplicated letters:


Again, I'll usually do this together, but that's not so bad. Now randomize or mix them. I'll usually go front back front:


but the order doesn't matter, just shuffle them. Now we're going to generate a phrase with it, you can use these phrases as Words of Power, Names for thoughtforms, chants or repeated phrases to induce altered states, any number of things. Break it up into 2-4 parts, unless this ended up really small. 4 is a lot, but can work. Then you add vowels in, making sure to use each one you have at least once, but not use the ones you don't have. If you want to rearrange letters you can. Something like:


I always make sure I can pronounce this, because I use a lot of vocal stuff in my workings. This has the benifits of making magic in a different language, but because it's always generated, there's no fear of learning the language too well.

This is about getting the language of a simple goal past the "that's too simple" filter. Magical language or words are deeply rooted in the way we think about magical things, so we might as well use it.

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