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Frankincense Tears:

Boswellia Carterii

Elemental Correspondences: Fire

Planetary Correspondences: Sun


Traditionally used for: Protection, Setting Sacred Space, Spirituality, Exorcism


Personality: Frankincense has been part of sacred incenses all the way from Ancient Egypt, up to it’s being a part of incense in the modern Catholic church. This might be the scent you recognize AS incense, in a formal sense. Frankincense comes across almost as a priest for me, a bit stuck up, but quite kind, with a backbone or spine. It primarily does what it does by lifting the vibrations of things around it. This is often a general go to for me, especially combined with Myrrh and Benzoin, when I need incense, but I’m not sure what I need.

Frankincense Tears, 1 oz

SKU: 111112
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