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Iron Dust/Lodestone Grit

Elemental correspondences: Fire

Planetary Correspondences: Mars



Traditional uses: Protection, Defence, Grounding, Improving vitality, creating aggressiveness. Iron dust is also used to “feed” lodestones or magnets for any number of uses.


Personality: Iron IS the quintessential Mars metal. Yes, you feed magnets with it as well, but outside of that, this is great for drawing boundaries. This has an almost military bent to it, and is used to craft anything from protection to “war water”. I’m trying something different than the industry standard here, with my iron dust sourced from a process that makes a quite fine powder, which works much better for me than the grind dust I’ve seen be the industry standard.


This is so light because the product is quite light. This is actually quite a bit, and will probably last most of you months. 

Iron dust/ Lodestone Grit 0.1 oz (3x5 in bag)

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