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Sourdough That Brings You Dough!

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

The concept of money magic is a really interesting topic. It requires some focus, mundane work, dedication and determination to have it be most effective for anyone. There are all sorts of rituals out there for someone to find that can get the job done. And this is yet another one.

The process of developing sourdough has been around for quite a long time and for good reason! Cultivated wild yeast turning flour and water into a strong, tangy base for bread is almost magical in and of itself. That growth transmuted into sustenance is going to be the fundamental magic correspondence for this as a money growing ritual.

Sourdough Starter Recipe

2 cups of flour 2 and 1/4 tsp yeast 2 cups warm water

Bloom the yeast in the warm water (about 8-10 mins until foamy and creamy) and then add in the flour and stir. Leave it in a warm spot for 5 days, stirring once daily. Make sure to leave it in a container that is big enough so it can have room to grow (I prefer glass so I can see how it's doing, but plastic is okay.)

By leaving the starter somewhere you pass daily, it helps remind you of your Work and allows for you to keep the starter going strong. Feeding it once daily after the initial five days will help it grow.

As you create your starter (and every time after you interact with it) set your intentions, if you have a deity or any ancestors that you work with call upon them and ask for help to make this happen. Thank them for everything they will do and have done for you. Think of things like abundance, prosperity, and blessings as you stir the starter. Stir the starter counter clockwise to banish all of your money woes.

When you stir the starter direction matters!

-Clockwise brings good things into your starter.

-Examples are job prospects, people who will help you, wise financial decisions and creative ideas are what you think of here.

-Counter clockwise is for banishing

-Examples are: any bad habit/financial decision/person that keeps you from growing your money is thought of here.

There are plenty of recipes out there to make with your sourdough starter and you can always add in even more layers of correspondence (dill bread? Basil? Breadsticks shaped into your currency symbol of choice?) Play around with it and have fun! Make and share things with others as a prosperity ritual!

If you have any questions, want a divination off of your starter, or just need a reading go ahead and book that consultation! And have a magical time creating!

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