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Money protection magic - Practical magic 3

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

An album of coins

Money protection is often overlooked when we're trying to magically sort our money. I can focus on the need for more income, and work that kind of thing almost exclusively. You might notice that the problem what comes in, but all the little things that bleed it dry. You think that more in would make the difference, but sometimes, it's about keeping it with you.

If you notice things going out as fast as they come in such as car repairs you weren't counting on, surprise bills, furnace going out, any of those things, then keeping your money is more important than making more. There's absolutely things that can be done here. A few steps for you here

  1. Cleanse yourself - Money is magickal in itself. It's purely a symbolic representation of effort and power. It's one of the easiest things to get tangled, so a good cleansing like this one earlier in the practical magic series can be helpful.

  2. Examine your situation clearly - Practical step here, but look at your budget to see where you are, and what you might need to do. Maybe your standing bills ARE more than what's coming in. That's ok, there's other money spells for that.

  3. Look forward to the future - Examine the things that you know might come back to bite you. Check over things like your car, and that furnace. Do what repairs and preventative things you can do to help head things off. Divination is also a hugely important step here, to see what you might want to look at. I'm not a big believer in specialized spreads for different things, but Yumiko over at 3 Cats and a Cauldron has a good spread specifically for examining money.

  4. Protect the money you do have - Obviously, keeping to a budget or watching your spending is important. Once we've done all this, then we can also look at how to sort the magical part of it.

The larger ritual

For me, this is the kind of thing that combines 2 general intents. Is this a money spell, or is this a protection spell? Of course, it's a bit of both. I'll do this as something that's designed to feed regularly, as a money bowl or jar, but I also incorperate that money bowl into a larger protective ritual. So you're both drawing money in, AND protecting what you have. This is something you certainly COULD do with your sourdough money spell, but I prefer something that builds a little cushion in on it's own. ⁸

The money bowl

Start with a bowl or jar. I actually can quite like boxes for this sometimes, although my current favorite is a green stone cup I found at a local metaphysical store. Seed these with some rice or red beans, or something else like that that indicates wealth. I usually will put some alfalfa in with that as well. It both protects your money, and provides a way to keep from loosing the majority of the coins here.

If you carry cash

If you carry and use cash often, this is something I do with pocket change. I'll empty my change in the jar every day, then on Wed and Sat, I go through and "buy out" my change. I'll exchange $1.00 in change for ones, and any combination of bills to where we can get to. You can in theory buy your coins the same way too, if your money is particularly tight. Then you take what you pulled out, and spend that, just like everything else. You can dress it in a bit of attraction oil, or write rtm (for return to me) in the corners, or whatever you'd like. The point here is to get the fixed or blessed money back into circulation.

If you don't carry cash

Little more complicated, but we're going to artificially feed it in the same way. Go grab a roll of quarters, and once a day roll a die. Normal 6 sided die is ok if you don't do the tabletop gaming thing, but if it's laying around your house anyway, do a d4 roll. Then same thing applies, buy your coins and bills and carry that. Of course, in both cases, you hit a point where you have to plan for the larger bills. I have stopped at 20's,50's, or 100's depending on my general financial situation. The largest bill gets hidden in your house, to cover unexpected expenses.

The spirit and sigil stuff

Of course, you can add sigils and Words of Power stuff to this. If you add Words of Power, you can break up your words into 4 different words, so you can put one on each candle (see below). If you've been doing spirit work, and have a sigil or plate of a spirit appropriate to protection and money, you can set the whole thing on that. You can use a printed version of a sigil as well. You'll want the spirit's plate to be big enough to put your bowl in the middle, and fit 4 candles around it. Folks that are both into protection and wealth/money are good choices. I'm going with Uriel, as She's an old friend that fits well for this.

The ritual

This is something that doesn't need a circle if you don't want one. I will set up everything, light all the candles, and do a small invocation to any spirits that you're invoking. The first day is just all 5 candles. 2 blue, 2 black, and a green one. The black and blue ones will set up around the outer ring of the bowl. the green one goes inside the bowl, either on top of things, or if you need to set something up so it rises a bit above, that's fine. Don't burn your stuff lol. I would just do a small prayer or invocation, and settle in for a bit with it. Focusing on your intent.

On Wed, you'll do just one blue or green candle, just behind the bowl, or in it again if you can. On Saturdays, it's the black. You can apply Words of Power here, as a mantra, or read a small invocation you've written. Remember to buy your money, as that keeps this kind of thing going. Keep bills under this until Saturday, when you'll bless them with the banishing oil if you decide to, and put them all where they go after the candles burn out.

The little stuff

For this, the little stuff is as important as the big ritual. Make yourself a banishing oil and a protection oil. You can use things like red pepper, basil, and rue for the banishing. Cinnamon, clove, and alfalfa for the protection. Alfalfa is particularly good here, as something that's great at protecting money specifically. Dress your incoming money stuff, including bank statements, wallets, and paychecks or check stubs in the protection oil. Then dress any outgoing things or bills in the banishing oil. This is particularly powerful to spot the receipts from unexpected expenses in. Protection sigils and sigils designed to keep things in good condition are great for cars, washers, or really anything that could break. My favorite here is to use healing sigils on my machinery to keep them running smooth. Anything that's smaller stuff designed to keep things running smoothly will work.

While this is something that requires some long term tending, it's also the kind of thing that the tending itself keeps you focused on that goal. It'll work as much THROUGH the process as anything. Hopefully this helps someone hang on to money they already earned.

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