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Spiritual Cleansing for your home - Practical Magic 2

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

This is a natural progression from the cleansing bath that I’ve given you in the past. Let’s be honest, you can cleanse yourself all you want, and if you don’t keep your environment clean, you’ll just get dirty again. I don’t see a whole lot of concern over this in general, but when someone needs it, it’s pretty important. For me this is something that can and should happen as part of physical cleaning. The best spiritual cleansing always follows along with physical cleaning.

Deep cleansing

Most folks that start to look at this have some deep cleaning to do at first. If you’ve never done it, you’ll have a lot of spiritual grime to pick up. Often, the first time someone looks at this is as a result of experiencing some spiritual weirdness in the home. There’s several ways to approach spiritual cleansing, like smoke cleansing, washes, powders, and several other things. For a deep cleanse, I actually suggest doing several. There’s all sorts of things that are designed specifically for this, and most of them are alright, but you can also make your own.

Smoke cleansing

This is where a lot of folks think this starts and ends. A word here on “smudging”. Smoke cleansing is pretty universal, but smudging is tied into a culture, and is a specific ritual that includes smoke cleansing, at least as it’s used in the modern age. I love smoke cleansing, but I’m not looking to step into someone elses culture. My smoke cleansing tends to be done with charcoal blocks and loose herbs. I guess I don’t mind the sticks of herbs, but I just like the style of the other better. Loose herbs also give you more control over what’s in it. When I cleanse a home with smoke, I always do this room by room. I’m a believer that this is important to actually fill the room up with smoke. Let it really fill, even if you need to leave it (safely of course) in the room. You’ll go room by room, leaving the rooms with exit doors for last.

White sage is standard for smoke cleansing, but there’s many problems with it. First, there’s the cultural issues. Yeah, it comes a bit closer to closed practices and such, but that’s not actually my biggest issue with it. I don’t think that sage is great at cleansing a space. Sage for me is very good at cleansing a person, but not as good at cleansing a space. Better options for me are things like frankincense or pine.

Washes and cleansing by water

This is actually my favorite method when I can. There are a few things that are commercially sold cleaners that work well for this. Pine cleaner works great, as does glass cleaner where it’s appropriate. Vinegar is good as well. Any cleansing herbs can be added to cleaners to add a spiritual component. Rue is good here, vervain is good, and lemon works extremely well.

Here’s a general cleansing wash that’s ok for use pretty much everywhere. Fill a mason jar halfway with your cleansing herbs. you can choose from any of the following: Lemon (sliced or cut in half) Basil Rue Vervain Pine needles Cover the herbs with vinegar, but just barely. Shake well, and leave to sit for around 3 days. Strain, and fill the jar the rest of the way up with water. You’ll end up with about a third vinegar and 2/3 water. A squirt of dish soap (especially lemon scented) can help. This can be used as a basic cleansing spray that also is a spiritual cleanser.

I’m also coming in after I’ve written this by like a month to add this. This is a wonderful recipe that when properly charged and blessed would be amazing at spiritual cleansing as well.


This is another one I really like. Baking soda is your base here. You can use the same herbs as above, but you’ll grind them up in a coffee grinder, and mix with like 3 times the amount of baking soda. Same amounts of coffee works WONDERFULLY here. I even use my used coffee grounds, but you have to make sure they’re bone dry, or it’ll stain stuff. This is great as a floor sprinkle, leave it sit, and vacuum it up later. A note here. Salt is great at absorbing negative energy, but it attracts moisture. I don’t suggest using it to absorb energy on floors or such, because it’ll pick up moisture, and you really can ruin a carpet that way. Of course if you’re spiritual cleansing, you’ll want to dispose of this off your property.

Things that gather negative energy

Cleansing is great, but as important as cleaning it up is keeping it clean. Crystals can of course be used for this, but I’m not much of a crystal guy. I dug this up, and it’s fairly solid for crystals I think. You can also use salt in each room to collect negative energy, and just dispose of it regularly. Once a week to start with, but you’ll get a feel for it. If you use salt, you’ll want to make sure it’s in bowls or something, as salt can attract moisture as we discussed above, and lead to damage to some surfaces. There’s also a tradition of using things like camphor squares for this. I didn’t hate that, mostly I quit doing it because I was having trouble finding them. That’s one I put in a jar because I was worried about the cat getting into it. Bowls of things like Florida Water work for this as well, which we’ll get to below.

Commercial things that cleanse

So there’s all sorts of things that are commercially used for cleaning physically, and spiritually cleansing. Pine floor cleaner, bleach, and ammonia are all things that have a long history of being used in spiritual cleansing. Mind you, you really need to do some serious research if you’ll be mixing any of these, but any one can have powerful magical effects if used with awareness. There are things designed to cleanse AND clean, like Chinese floor wash, and the like. There’s also things designed to carry different intentions. Finally there’s things like Florida Water, who’s stated use is for something different, but everyone knows is mostly about cleansing. There’s nothing wrong with these, and in fact I love me some Florida Water. I think it’s important to know how to make things that aren’t so specialized.

Hopefully some of this helps give you guys some ideas on how to cleanse the house. It doesn’t need to be much more complex than regular cleaning.

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