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How to do a Spiritual Cleansing Bath - Practical magic 1

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Spiritual cleansing is a hot topic. I've given one variation or another of this coffee cleansing out several times over the last week. I figure I should take the time to just put it here, so folks can see it. In my practical magic series here, I'll cut to the chase first, and comment after.

A jar of coconut oil for a base. Technically this is possible without the base, but it's kind of a nightmare to work with loose. A couple good scoops of coffee grounds Palmful of basil, OR about half that of rue, dried Palmful of black pepper, ground The black pepper can be swapped out for something that's customized to your needs. I find myself substituting something else quite often. I've used frankincense, pine needles, mustard seed, or even lemon peel or lemon juice.

So yes, this is as much about visualizing as anything. For me, this is about scrubbing down with this coffee and herbs, like you're scrubbing dirt off of you. A coffee filter over the drain will catch any stray herbs. Visualizations should match your physical actions, and really it can be that simple. Now, a bit of a blessing, laying hands on this thing, and fancy words certainly puts more energy into this, and makes it work better. If you want fancy words, I speak to my stuff, and that does it. You can bless each one seperetley, and I also bless the whole thing. I usually wing this stuff, but with a specific style. Something like: "Creature of oil, I do concecrate and bless thee, that you might be a vehicle of cleansing and purification, that my body and soul might be pure" But then again, I'm fancy pants sometimes.

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