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The magic of intentionality

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

A pair of hands holding a pen and a blank dayplanner.

As you all have likely noticed, I've been hard at work over my break getting the website transferred over. This is a part of getting myself around to be more deliberate and intentional with my business. It was enough for a while to do something, so I could get started. Now though, I'll need to have a plan, and get things in order so I can get somewhere.

I see a lot of talk in magical spaces about magic being about intention. That's great, as far as magic goes, but intention goes deeper than that. In some ways, this is absolutely the same idea as backing the work. It's more than that though. When I designed my ritual for this years business growth, I started to figure out what really goes into ritual design for me.

I'm a big believer in magic, obviously. I believe that the rituals and things that we do create change directly in our lives. I am also a huge believer in doing the mundane things that make our magic more likely to succeed. When I design a set of ritual things, I also look at how to structure my mundane actions to best effect. For example, my business stuff. Yes, I have a ritual, and it's got a repeating part, something I'm doing once a week. As part of that once a week thing, I've included sitting down, with business success and clarity stuff going. On a pattern and a schedule, intentionally, I'm doing things that foster the long term success of the business. Deciding what I want, and deliberately going towards a goal is it's own magic.

This can and should apply to all areas that we're doing Work on. There are some things that are "magic" simply because they make us pay attention. Dieting is a great example here. Most diets are based on shaky science at best, or things that work for some bodies and not others. Many people see results anyway, because all the sudden they're paying attention. The intentionality around food, the paying attention to what you're doing, means you make better choices. When we do spellwork, it's a choice to be aware and intentional about that area of our life. Money spell? You should be paying attention to your spending, and opportunities that will rise up. The magical part will give you more opportunities, but they don't mean much if you're not being aware of them. Pay attention like it's magic, watch for omens as well as mundane opportunities.

Sometimes the hardest thing here is accountability. You know you need to pay attention to what you're doing, and be deliberate, but you find yourself running out of steam. You're always welcome to pop by for a reading with me and I'll help you develop an intentional, magical plan.

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