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Welcome to Four Gates

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Hi, my name is Kai, and I'm your reader and magical engineer here at Four Gates. So I set this up so I would be able to have a place to just ramble about magic. Some of this will be instructional, some will be research and thoughts. I figured this is a better place for most of it than something social. Stick around, and see if you puck up anything.

I figure you guys might want to learn a bit about me and my history here. I started my magical journey in high school, around 25 years ago now. I started like most folks at the time with Wicca, although extremely quickly I ended up in a form of Ceremonial magic. I worked with and was initiated into a hybrid Thelemic/ Golden Dawn inspired order for about 2 years, and then moved back home, where I met my mentor. I have a history after that of getting groups that are way looser than that around, although she would push me at times, and there were 2 more or less successful Orders that I started and maintained for several years.

My study included a hefty portion of Chaos magic, and like many with that kind of background, I ended up less formal than most of the Ceremonial set. I grew up, had 2 wonderful kiddos, and don't have time for the kind of complex rituals that I started with. I've settled into something very folk magic like.

My primary understanding of magical theory is rooted in Hermeticism and the study of symbol, and I consider myself if not spirit LED, than at least in partnership with many spirits.

Hopefully that gives you all some background on me, in case you're curious.

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