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What a good reader looks like

I wrote a while back about what a scammer in the psychic space looks like. You also know the basic things like checking reviews and such. I trust you all to see what's good when you're prepared for the fake stuff. That doesn't mean that every good reader is right for everyone. I'm comfortable with being good at what I do, but I'm certainly not the right reader for everyone.

Basic personality

In many ways this is simple. Do you get along with your reader? If you have to sit through an hour reading once a week with someone that you can't stand, this isn't going to work for you. Don't get me wrong, sometimes you need a reader that'll challenge you, and if the ways you "don't like" a reader are things that are transformative or get you somewhere, maybe that's an investment you want to make. If you don't like them, AND that in itself isn't serving you, the reader is probably not for you. Look into their writings, their posts on social media. If they do this stuff, watch a few lives or whatever and see what you think.

What do you want in a reading?

The next thing to look at is what you want in a reading. Let's assume that all of your readers pass the sniff test of being able to actually read the cards. Each person that reads though brings a different energy to you. Some folks come to a reading for this energy that pumps them up, and fires them up energetically. It's about lifting you up.

Some folks need someone who is very calming. You need it pointed out where you ARE on track for things, and while we don't ignore what's going wrong, a firm plan helps settle nerves.

Then there's the folks that need just the facts. Not exactly harsh, but you just need it laid out for you. Any kind of directing your energy doesn't work for you. These types tend to want to drill extremely deeply into the situation.

What I figure is the type of reading that I'm best at though is the folks that need the hard truths. Often these clients have seen other readers, and they might even have been told what this kind of reader brings in softer ways. We brush things off sometimes right? They might have said it, but did you listen? Some readers are very good at punching through that internal resistance with their clients.

There's nothing wrong with any of these reading styles, but if there's a disconnect between your readers style and what you're looking for, then you'll never get what you're looking for out of your reading.

Core beliefs and practices

I don't talk much about the deep impact religion has on magical practice. I'll have a whole article on it later, but let's look at this where it applies here for a bit. So quite often I get questions about things like Twin Flames. Now, I don't believe in Twin Flames. I think that often that stuff is just a sheen placed over an all too often toxic relationship. If you're a hardcore believer in Twin Flames, and you're looking for a reading on yours, then I'm not the right person to ask about that. Now, I'm working on reasons you might need more than one reader, and this makes the list. I might otherwise be the best reader for you, but in cases of THIS question, I wouldn't be right for you. Readers and such have underlying beliefs as well. We can only interpret the energies in the cards in ways that make sense for our underlying worldview. Finding someone who aligns with your worldview enough to have the same context for your questions is important.

How they run their business

Sometimes, the biggest thing we need in at least our primary reader is that they have a model of business that connects with you. I have something going on that I hope comes across as professional but also casual. I make everyone go through my booking site, only do voice readings, rarely if ever text, but I have policies in place for rescheduling and such as well. I have a 2 hour lead time to manage my life, and set hours. All of these things need to be things that you can deal with. If you want someone who's willing to catch ya last minute, or someone willing to do whole readings via text, then that's not me. Find the reader that is willing to do those things. Some folks willing to do that kind of stuff though, might not do live readings, or might not offer the spellwork advice I do. If those things are things you're looking for, then I'm possibly the right person for you.

Trust yourself

Ultimately this comes down to a lot of things that you need to feel out for yourself. You on some level know what's working for you and what's not. The choice comes down to you, and what's going to work the best for you. Hopefully the person you're looking at has a low cost or free option that's just enough for you to meet them. If you've made it this far, you have a good feel for what I do maybe. Feel free to swing by and snag a short session with me to get a feel for what I do.

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