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Why I don't do spellwork for Clients anymore

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

So, there's a large portion of the online community that likes to have spellwork done for them. Right now, I'm not doing that, and I'll tell you why.

First off, we all fight the scam thing.  Frankly, reddit's community where I've landed is good. There's not much of that there,  but it's everywhere and as a pro you have to watch for that. 2nd and related is that not everything succeeds. What do you do then?  Some folks are pay only on success,  but frankly how many desperate folks will agree to you not thinking it'll work then not be good for it? In any case,  things are so expensive that to be ethical,  you have to keep prices down to a point that's not fair for time, energy and effort you put in. 

There's also this, at least for me. Spellwork is something that requires trust and communication. So much communication to do PROPERLY, at least the way I see it, that it doesn't actually leave much time for actually doing the work.

There's this too. I'd much rather teach you to do simple effective work on your own to solve your own issues. Part of that is practical. I have less options from a distance than you do physically being with your situation. I have a couple cases out right now that are dragging on a little, just because if we could physically deliver a spell to someone we could end it, but the distance limits options. Once I'm doing enough to ship physical objects to clients, we can revisit this

So, this and a few other reasons are why I'm moving away from doing spellwork for folks. If you want something you can trust, let me show you how to handle it yourself, you'll be happier with the results.

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