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Getting the most out of your psychic reading

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Probably a larger number of my new clients than most readers have never had a reading before. I get the question all the time of “I’ve never done this before, what do you need? “ It’s an important question, how to be the kind of clients that we like. How do you get the most out of your readings or consultation, in a way that’s respectful to your reader? Each person is of course different, but I think there’s a few things that are pretty universal.

Things to do

  1. Do some research and get to know your reader. Before you ever see me, I like that you’ve poked at some of the things I’ve written. Check reviews, get a feel for who your reader is. You’ll get less out of a reader who you don’t click with, personality wise.

  2. Collect your thoughts ahead of time. A list of several questions you might want to explore is a great idea. You’ll get much more out of a reading that’s actually useful to you if you know what you want.

  3. Recognize that this is a conversation. I get wanting to test a reader and not giving too much information. That’s actually fine by me. Let me impress you sure, but don’t hold back so much that I can’t see any context. Likewise, you can lead the conversation so much you don’t get much out of it.

  4. Take notes. Often your reader will have a procedure for making a record for you. I do, but you have to ask. If they don’t, take some notes of your own. You’ll get a lot more out of your reading if you can go back and check things.

  5. Acknowledge the skill of the reader. Cards or whatever it is are easy, but not actually great at predicting anything without some practice and skill in interpretation. It’s not all about “what the cards say” but also about our interpretation.

Things NOT to do

  1. Sidestep the procedure. Doesn’t matter what the procedure for booking and the like is, following as closely to the procedure as possible allows everything to run smoothly.

  2. Lead the reading. Having a list of questions is great. don’t be so concerned about your list that you rush through or blow past what we have to say.

  3. Ignore your readers limits. Maybe someone doesn’t take spellwork. Maybe they’re touchy about time. Maybe they refuse to do anything without you going through the booking process. Whatever the limit is, I promise you there’s a reason for it.

  4. Withhold important information. For me, there’s a few things I always want to know. Is there active spellwork on a situation, what’s the current status, like for reconciliation, if you’re not speaking that’s important! Holding back on those kinds of things can change your context enough to throw the accuracy of your reading off.

  5. Reasking questions to try for different results. We notice you doing it, and the answer isn’t going to change by splitting hairs.

Hopefully that gives you a good start on getting the most out of your reading. Of course, you'll want to run all your readers through something like this as well. Most of the stuff here boils down to either treating your reader as a professional running a business, or techniques that would apply to learning or gathering information in most contexts. You get way more out of working with a spiritual professional of any kind if you do these things. As always, I'm of course available here myself.

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