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How to summon a spirit or ghost

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

With the holiday coming up, I thought I would look at how to actually call up a spirit of ghost. The basics of things like this are for the most part referenced as evocation in most of the older stuff. You’ll find many good references as part of a broad group of things called grimoire or Solomonic traditions. These grimoires at the time were more like notebooks or address books. When they were written, they were more like someone’s notes than a real guide. Lists of spirits sigils, that gives you a set of spirits to start this kind of work with Grimoire traditions were kind of short on basic information, as it was assumed you had the basic techniques under you before you started with this kind of thing. Even today, it’s often seen as a more advanced practice. It’s somewhat complex, but more because it has quite a few moving parts so to speak to get it right. I’ll break it down for you. Trance States in evocation Back when this kind of thing was first practiced, this kind of magick was seen as transgressive, dangerous, and complicated. This by itself injected a level of fear into this that started to adjust practitioners mindsets. This was part of inducing the trance. In addition, preparations and things like fasting, ritual purification and the like also aided in shifting mindset. In all honesty, to get good results with this involves having a deep trance state. I’ve written in the past on how to accomplish this, so you can go over that, but I’ll give you a few ideas here too. There’s something to be said here for the longer, intense prep work involved in this in the past. It becomes a kind of meditation in itself. It even included long series of prayers. All designed to deepen the trance we accomplish here. I suggest that here, the deepness of the trance does affect how successful you’ll be. Incense was always required for this kind of thing, and in large amounts. Even without psychoactive properties in the incense itself, this aids in inducing trance through manipulation of oxygen levels in the air. Not enough to hurt ya, but enough to have an effect. Once you’re doing the ritual itself, there’s long strings of invocations, often repeated many times. They include Divine Names, and things like that, often in long strings. This all also aids in inducing trance, as well as providing contact with the spirit itself. Set and setting This leads us to how to make sure you’re getting the right spirit. Often these spirits are worked with with what are called seals. They’re effectively sigils that were developed a long time ago, and get their significance partially from tradition, and partially from the more universal symbols embedded in them. You have 2 options with these. 1st and probably easiest is to use them exactly as you find them. Way easier, but relies on tradition. The 2nd option is to do things that try to trace some of these symbols back to their origin. In many cases the Divine names are corruptions of names in Hebrew for example. You could figure those out, and make a new seal with the proper Hebrew placed back in them. Great way to add layers into this, but not always easy work. The “temple furnishings” or the things that we add into the circle and our working space, are often tuned to attract the spirit we’re looking for symbolically. This both helps set mindset, and attract the spirit. It’s a way of creating a limnal space. How do we do this then? So how then do we summon a spirit? In all honesty, if you want real results, it’ll require many layers. 1. Create for yourself everything you can that you’ll use in this kind of thing. From the sigil or seal of the spirit, created whole, or drawn out, to whatever specialized tools you might need, to the black mirror itself, you should do whatever you can do for yourself. 2. Create or find long strings of invocations and prayers for use within the ritual. You can apply good chunks of this using the techniques of Words of Power, but I also suggest large parts of this be in plain language. 3. This is black mirror work, and so ideally you’ll have some practice at this kind of thing. 4. Understand that to get the proper results here, you’ll need to take real time for this. 5. Plan on trying this a few times before you get real results. It’s something that takes quite a bit to get the hang of. In all honesty, you’ll probably have the spirit present long before you can sense it. You will want to have some form of sacred space or circle for this kind of Work, and solid understandings of banishing rituals. There’s many ways to get the basic knowledge you need for this, but of course I’ll suggest my book. This isn’t exactly a beginner thing, but with a few underlying techniques, it’s not that hard either. Hopefully this serves as an introduction to what is ultimately a very satisfying part of your magickal practice.

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