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How to work with a professional spellcaster

OK, so you've decided you need help with your situation. You've found someone you trust, and you've made as sure as you can that they're not a scammer . Now what? The truth is, I see a lot of folks that will hire someone, and expect that that's where their part ends. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There's several things you'll want to do if you want the spell you've paid for to be successful. A lot of it comes down to 2 things. Not throwing your brain out, and listening to your expert, but lets take a look at some of these things specifically.

Keep a cool head

Just because you're getting spellwork done, doesn't mean that you can ignore the mundane. We'll talk about backing the Work later, but the first thing to remember really comes down to "don't do stupid". I mean this on several levels. 1st and most obvious, don't do things on a mundane level that actively sabotage your Work. Don't loose your head, and blow up your reconciliation targets phone, don't allow yourself to be paranoid and twitchy about your protection work, and most importantly, don't obsess over whatever the heck you're doing. Being obsessive and not allowing anything else into your life actively hurts your spellwork. You feed all the worry and fear back into what you're doing, and that gets in the way.

Keep a second opinion around

Often, folks will focus on the spellcaster they've found. They think that because they trust them, they don't need a second opinion from someone else in the magical space. Maybe I'm influenced here by what I do, as I DO kind of specialize in this, but I think that someone who's actively Working on your situation can get tunnel vision. All of the reasons that you should consider having a second reader go double for when your primary person is actively involved in working on your situation. We want you to succeed, and our ego CAN and does get in the way of clear assessment. Your second person shouldn't be looking to take over your spellwork, and if you decide to get more than one person to DO spellwork, you likely should keep at least one person around that ISN'T doing spellwork, just helping you assess. (Here's the sales pitch lol, this is kind of a big part of what I do. Feel free to swing by below if you need someone.)

Make sure to cleanse

Often, your spellcaster will talk about this, but while you're having things done, you'll want to make sure to keep your energy clean. Cleansing rituals are important here. Even if your spellworker doesn't specifically prescribe cleansing, it's a good idea. Sure, ask your spellworker what you should be doing, but make sure to be doing something.

Follow your prescriptions, and be prepared to do your own Work too

The best spellworkers in my opinion, will usually have some magical things for you to do. Often, it's just the cleansing, but sometimes it's not. If you ignore your half of the Work, not everything is getting done. There are reasons that you got the things that you got. Frankly, there IS internal work that needs to occur for you to get any external goal, and nobody can do that part FOR you. That's stuff that you have to do for yourself. You MUST accept that part of the process is likely going to mean changing viewpoints and thought patterns. If the old patterns worked, you'd have what you wanted already.

Treat your expert like an expert

I'm not saying that your expert can't be wrong, but they are experts, and they've worked a long time to learn the skills that you're asking for. If you argue with them over the technical details, why the heck are you paying them?

Back your Work

Your Worker is likely to tell you some practical, mundane things to do. DO THEM! This doesn't mean that they're relying on that because what they're doing doesn't work, but it DOES mean that they're planning on these things. Frankly, if you're around for a practical reason, do you really give a crap WHY it works, as long as it works? You can't sit on your ass and expect magic to do it all. You just can't. Do something to get what you want.

Really, it comes down to this. This stuff works. This stuff works if you work it. IF you do what you're supposed to, you'll have way higher success rates than if you don't follow instructions.

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