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Screaming into the void. Why the strongest spell isn't always the answer

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Often when working with someone for practical goals, I see this seeking for something different. Something stronger, more powerful, better. "If I can just find the most powerful spell" folks will tell themselves. I get it. Your situation is IMPORTANT, and so of course you need more power right?

Well, no. Look at it this way. When we cast a spell, we're using the language of symbol to talk to the spirits, or God, or your subconscious, or your target or whatever. Language of symbol is all our trinkets and techniques and whatever. Sometimes it's not about power, but about clarity. What are you trying to say? Then we have the connection to Spirit. This is in altered states quite often, or sometimes in repitition. It deserves it's own examiniation, and will eventually get one. Then theres power. Think of the "power" of a spell as the volume. Sometimes we need power to cut through the background noise, so that we can be heard. Quite often we need that.

Sometimes though, and I say especially when things are dire, we have to admit that we have screamed a perfectly reasoned argument for what we want. We've screamed into the void, and gotten nowhere. Sure, we could give up here, but you're not going to do that. You're desperate, and need something to work, right? What makes you think yelling louder is going to get you where you need? What makes you think that will make any difference to what's going to happen?

Instead, sometimes our best option is to stop, take a breath, and with a quiet, shaky voice, just... say "please, help me". I'm not saying we throw our basic technique out, but I am saying that when all else is lost, drop back to quiet, simple magic. I don't care if you don't believe in the spirits, you're talking to someone or something, even if just your own subconscious. Think of your tone, and volume. Just like in a conversation, sometimes it's the quiet, simple request that holds the most weight. You don't always need the next, better thing. Sometimes you need that quiet, simple ask.

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