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Why you have no energy after spellwork

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

I’ve seen this come up a couple of times in the last week. I figure it’s time to address it. There’s a lot of misconceptions about where energy for spellwork comes from. People spend a long time focused on holding intention, and how to tune what you’re doing. They don’t talk about the energetic maintenance and techniques that you need to have to do proper spellwork. Energetics Spellwork takes energy. It used to be when I first started, that people would be obsessed with the energetics of spellwork. The Ceremonial magick circles that I grew up in have many techniques for managing this kind of thing. Most notably the Middle Pillar ritual. In more Wiccan circles, they talk about Drawing Down the Moon. While that ends up having some distinctly religious overtones, the basic idea is one of tapping into an external energy source. When it comes down to it, proper magick always seems to have some idea or concept of drawing energy, often considered to be Divine energy, from an external source. This is actually something that’s pretty required. Sure, you can work without it, but I promise, you’ll keep wearing yourself out. How to draw external energy While this is often contextualized as a Divine source, you can even flavor the energy to fit the spell, you can do this without a Spirit contact, as pure energy. Here’s how I suggest you learn to do this. This kind of energy is a thing that is more felt than seen, at least for me. You should visualize all of this, but as a tactile rather than visual thing. This will take some understanding of trance work, at least the basics. Take a deep breath in, and feel energy come into you through your breath. The best way I can describe it is something somewhat buzzy or vibrating. Focus on your skin, on your sense of awareness of yourself. Then I want you to breathe out, and extend that sense of awareness or self outward, just a tiny bit. The idea is sort of to eliminate the boundary between yourself and the world around you. Deeper trance work establishes the mindset you need for the rest of it. Once you feel yourself locked into that mindset, in some ways, the external energy moves with the same ease as any physical action. Now, you can shape and manipulate the energy you feel around you, and that works, but you’re better off to do things like grounding, or… kind of the opposite. Visualize a beam of energy coming from above you, running through you all the way into the ground. This is way easier at first if you’re not moving actually. This becomes something that passes through you. You can and should experiment with moving this energy all around your body, sending it different places. This is a visualized thing, but for me it’s often quite tactile. What to do with it. Once you’re moving this energy, this is what ends up coming out of your voice, out of your hands, and is the energy that you program and move for your spellwork. It’s coming in from above or below, (more on that in a later article, for now whichever feels right to you) and then is pushed out into the work that you’re doing. It’s important to work with this without intent, instead sending this into the ground, to get used to how energy moves around your body. This is a next step to our trance working, and deserves just practice. Yes, there’s ways to make this more of a ritual, again, the Middle Pillar is a good example of this, but it’s something that you’ll want to add to daily practice. Protection and energetic cleansing for this. We might consider the energy that we pull in in terms of how pure or clean it is. This is part of why I suggest pulling in from far away sources, and in ways that are symbolically Divine. It’s a way of keeping the energy clean. I also suggest that you cleanse the space. Establish a limnal or sacred space as part of getting ready for this kind of thing. This is a layer that I think isn’t talked about nearly enough, and something that is needed for any spellwork.

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