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Sourdough Money spell for growing

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

So when I had written this, my partner didn't think they would want to write for things. They've decided to at least write something for the sourdough. You can find what they wrote here. Given that this is their spell, it's worth a read.

So one of the things I'm asked for quite often is money spells. It's one of the first things folks want to take control of with magic. Now, nothing will work here without backing your work, but this is something that's worked extremely well for me.

Over the pandemic, sourdough making became very popular. So many people tried their hand at it. It's absolutely a process, but also once you've set it, it's actually very easy to maintain. Here is directions for the physical steps to the starter.

My partner actually made the physical sourdough, and in fact the whole spell was their idea. They do wonderful Work in their own right, and occasionally I'll put some out for you. With their permission of course, and only until I can get them to write for this themselves.

Ok so how do we turn this into magic? First off, this isn't a quick cash spell. This is about long term growth. In fact, I would set the sourdough up for 7 days before you do this, just to be safe. I know it took us 2 tries to get it started, but then it doesn't have any problems anymore.

After your physical set up, determine exactly the statement of intent you want. Sourdough grows, and then you can eat it as well, so it's good for things you want to grow and harvest from. I use this for my business. Grow most of the time, and when I need to have more money, it's baking something with it as a harvest.

You'll go through the process in words of power and sigils. The words should form the name of your sourdough, and the sigil should be simple.

When you feed it on day 7, you'll want to use blessed water. Sprinkle just a bit of water in this, and you're going to kind of copy a baptism. Plain English is fine here. Something like "I baptize thee oh creature of wheat, that as you grow and flourish, so does my (business, life, money, whatever). I charge you with that task, and bestow upon you the name of (Insert name here). May the Spirits aid you in your task". Then take a chopstick, feed like normal, and trace the sigil you designed right into the top of the sourdough.

That's it. Talk to it, treat it as alive, call it by name. Every time you feed it, trace that sigil over it, and it'll put energy in.

Every time I've done this, they've wanted to be spread. For me this is spreading the spell, but I could see that being about seeding or spreading the starter itself. They're a lot of fun to work with, and while slow, the growth is amazing. Hope that helps someone.

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