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Career enhancement magic – Practical magic 5

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Career magic seems like it would be the kind of thing that comes out of money work. The truth is, that money is only part of your career, and straight money work isn’t always the right answer. A big part of

A professional person stands on stairs going to a window in the sky.

career work is assessing what you need to get ahead. Are you trying to get ahead at a job you’re already at, or looking for a change? Do you work in person or at home? All of these things affect the proper career work.

Getting ahead where you are

I’ll put together a post on finding something better at some point here, but for now, let’s focus on how to get ahead where you are. You’ll need to assess what the issues holding you back are. How does the manager/whoever is in charge of your promotion feel about you? Is your performance/metrics good enough for the job you want? Are you simply being overlooked? The answers to these questions are important to how you’ll do your spellwork.

Delivery of your spellwork

How much contact do you have with your job, or the hiring/promotion folks? If you go in somewhere in person, you will want to have something that you can carry on you. I like spell bags as anchors for spirits for this kind of thing, but I always pair them for career work with something you do at home. If you don’t go in physically to a job, you don’t need the thing that you’ll carry.

Assessing your needs

If you need your boss to be less against you, the at home base of this might be something like a sweetening jar. Sugar over honey for me works better on things that touch on money, as for most of it’s history honey was cheap, but real sugar was pricey. Vanilla pairs well with the sugar, and sweetens, although the vanilla beans aren’t cheap either. This should be charged with a candle on Wed, or a key turned in your sugar to unlock potential. The added benifit to this is it’s another thing that can come along to work with you, little dashes (or more if you like it sweet) of your sugar in the coffee you take to work.

If it’s a question of metrics or performance, use whatever tracking that they use for that as a focal point or altar for candle work. You could also do some sigil work buried in a plant, or as a specialized variation of the sourdough spell. The key that makes this work would be the intent of the sigil here. This is also a good application for success oils, either a commercial blend, or something that you make yourself. Wearing a bit of the right oil should help performance and metrics improve over time. Of course, learning more about how to make that work for you is important too, back your work.

What you carry

This is something that I like as a spell bag, so it’s something that can be carried on you at all times, and

cinnamon sticks

it’s actively looking for directions to work in. Now, spell bags are a whole thing for me, I do them in a very specific way that’s likely pretty unique. It’ll be the next blog post, and I’ll try to do it at the same time. What you put into this is all about tuning it to what you need. Vanilla and cinnamon can help sweeten, bay leaf and cinquefoil improves performance, you’ll have to choose what you need. Wrap these all up, breathe life into them, and feed it on Wednesdays.

Sorry about that

The sad thing here is that this is quite a loose outline. That’s because it has to be. It’s the kind of spellwork that needs to be specialized to your needs. This one IS complex, and while I usually hesitate in the blog posts to do this directly, of course, if you need a hand untangling it, you’re welcome to set up a time and I’ll help you sort it for you.

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